Walgreens #15020 in Franklin, WI 53132

By | May 26, 2016

Walgreens #15020 at 7130 S 76Th St offers Medicare medical supplies and/or services in Franklin, Wisconsin.

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Contact Information

Supplier Name: Walgreens #15020
Address: 7130 S 76Th St
Phone Number: (414)425-0411

Map Location For Walgreens #15020 in Franklin, WI

Oxygen Supplies and Equipment – No
Standard Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Related Accessories – No
Complex Rehabilitative Power Wheelchairs and Related Accessories (Group 2) – No
Mail-Order Diabetic Supplies – No
Enteral Nutrients, Equipment and Supplies – No
CPAP Devices, Respiratory Assist Devices, and Related Supplies and Accessories – No
Hospital Beds and Related Accessories – No
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pumps and Related Supplies and Accessories – No
Walkers and Related Accessories – No
Support Surfaces (Group 2 mattresses and overlays) – No
Standard (Power & Manual) Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Related Accessories – No
Is Supplier Participating? – No
Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDS) – No
Commodes, Urinals, & Bedpans – Yes
Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Devices – No
Dynamic Splints – No
Blood Glucose Monitors & Supplies: Non-Mail Order – Yes
Blood Glucose Monitors & Supplies: Mail Order – Yes
Blood Glucose Monitors: Mail Order – No
Gastric Suction Pumps – NoHeat & Cold Applications – Yes
Hospital Beds: Electric – No
Hospital Beds: Total Electric & Pediatric – No
Hospital Beds: Manual – No
Hospital Beds: Manual & Pediatric – No
Infrared Heating Pad Systems – No
Infusion Pumps & Supplies: External Infusion – No
Infusion Pumps & Supplies: Insulin Infusion – No
Infusion Pumps & Supplies: Implanted Infusion – No
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pumps & Supplies – No
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulators (NMES) – No
Osteogenesis Stimulators – No
Pneumatic Compression Devices – No
Speech Generating Devices – No
Support Surfaces: Pressure Reducing Beds, Mattresses, Overlays, & Pads – No
Traction Equipment – No
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) Units – No
Ultraviolet Light Devices – No
Home Dialysis Equipment & Supplies – No
Hemodialysis Equipment & Supplies – NoCanes & Crutches – Yes
Patient Lifts – No
Power Operated Vehicles (Scooters) – No
Seat Lift Mechanisms – No
Walkers – Yes
Wheelchairs & Accessories: Standard Manual – No
Wheelchairs & Accessories: Standard Power – No
Wheelchairs & Accessories: Complex Rehabilitative Manual – No
Wheelchairs & Accessories: Complex Rehabilitative Power – No
Wheelchairs & Accessories: Complex Rehabilitative Power (e.g. Group 3, Group 4, Group 5) – No
Wheelchair Seating/Cushions – No
Orthoses: Custom Fabricated – No
Orthoses: Prefabricated – No
Orthoses: Off-the-Shelf – Yes
Breast Prostheses & Accessories – No
Cochlear Implants – No
Facial Prostheses – No
Neurostimulators – No
Ocular Prostheses – No
Ostomy Supplies – YesOxygen Equipment & Supplies – No
Respiratory Suction Pumps – No
Ventilators, Accessories, & Supplies – No
Surgical Dressings – Yes
Diabetic Shoes & Inserts: Prefabricated – Yes
Diabetic Shoes & Inserts: Custom Fabricated – Yes

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